'Bulaki' at the 'London Lift Film Festival.'

'Bulaki' at the 'London Lift Film Festival.'

The film 'Bulaki' released in this year's Baisakh has been selected at prestigious film award ceremony in London. This film has been selected at the 'London Lift-Off Film Festival 2023'. 

Film producer Biraj Bist expressed joy at the recognition of the film 'Bulbul' at a prestigious award ceremony.

In the film directed by Laxman Sunar, actress Suraksha Pant plays the lead role.

The other main roles in the film are portrayed by Naren Khadka and Biraj Bist.

The film has brought the issue of social custom "Jari". The film, addressing the prevalent customs in the Far Western region of Nepal, has sparked positive discussions even among critics in Nepal.