"Chitra's" trailer aims to stir emotions

The trailer of the movie 'Chitra' which will be on  theaters  from 27th of Poush was released on Wednesday. The trailer presents the story of a father and daughter. Director Ghyanshyam Lamichhane has depicted a narrative exploring what a father can do for his daughter in the film. 

The dialogues featured in the trailer would definitely resonate with the viewer's emotion. Director Lamichhane has intertwined some dialogues with literature as well. Some dialogues that has been spoken for a long time in the Nepalese society can be heard in the trailer. 

Ghanashyam Lamichhane is expected to evoke emotions in the audience through this film. The performances of Santosh Adhikari, Arpan Thapa, Pramod Agrahari, Shubhechha Khadka, Menuka Pradhan, Anjana Baraili, Simran Khadka, Ayushi Dhakal, and others in this film are expected to leave a strong impact on the audience. 

This film features the story by Ajay Adhikari and the screenplay by Manish Gautam.