The surge of action roles among actresses

The surge of action roles among actresses

Actress Pooja Sharma has worked in the film "Daanvi". After the teaser release of this film, Pooja is getting recognized in the industry. She is getting offers for action-genre movies. 

There are very few actresses who are involved in action movies. However, if an actress can perform well in action movies there's no doubt that it would have a positive impact on the industry. Even Bollywood movies are all about action these days. 
Actress Pooja Sharma has tried to attempt action in Daanvi. Pooja says she tried all the stunts on her own. 

Actresses are more into action and it's clearly seen  Actress Aanchal Sharma posted a few videos on her social media where she was seen doing martial arts and was seen flaunting some action. 

Aanchal too has expressed her desire to do action movies. Therefore, the probability of Aanchal getting action genre movies are very high. 

Actress Priyanka Karki too is all geared up to come to the audience with an action movie. According to Priyanka, she will soon be doing an action film. This action project will be her own home production. Priyanka is getting trained for action. It seems actresses are quite liking the action genre and are trying their best to embrace it. 

If female actors are to be accepted in action where male actors are deeply prioritised then definitely the industry would pave its new way for sure.