Anchal to be featured in "Ek Mutthi Badal"

Anchal to be featured in

The film 'Ek Mutthi Badal' (A handful of clouds) is has been announced and is in the process of filming. In the film directed and written by Sahara Sharma, actress Anchal Sharma has been confirmed for the film. Anchal Sharma is set to play the lead role alongside Sahayog Adhikari  in the film.

Abhimanyu Dixit, Anup Poudel, and Samipya Raj Timalsena will be presenting a film that shows the profound relationship between a mother and daughter. 

In the shared first look pictire Aanchal writes  - Amidst the legacy of sacrifice and dedication, has she ever been able to assert her own celestial essence from the pages of her story to the present? A special connection between mothers and daughters is to be portrayed through the enchanting melody in "Ek Mutthi Badal." "Once again, immerse yourself in the rhythm of the Nepali women's stories that celebrate defying injustice, reveling in imperfections, and turning the ordinary into extraordinary."

The production side has indicated that the filming for the movie is set to commence from the month of Falgun (February-March). Actress Sharma has been seen enthusiastic about taking on this film.

Anchal is currently involved in the filming for the film 'Degree Maila.' Subsequently, she will initiate the filming for this movie.

She has also signed up for the film 'Rajmahal.'