Rubina, not the makers preferred pick

Rubina, not the makers preferred pick

Rubina Thapa made her debut in the industry through "Love Diaries'. Rubina who made her way from modelling to films was unable to taste the success from her debut movie. 

Rubina's involvement in the fim turned out positive for her. The industry was somehow relieved to find the new face where the scarcity of actresses were an issue. However, after the commercial failure in the film, Rubina's discussions diminished. 

In the year 2078 B.S. Rubina received the Best Debut Actress award at the D-Cine Awards. Afterwrds she performed as the main lead in film "Dada Ko Bar Pipal". But it turned out to be her another flop as there were no audience to watch the movie in theaters. Rubina was unable to leave the mark through the movie. After her back to back failures  she got the tag of "Flop Heroine" in the industry. She tried her best to get rid of this tag. But yet she failed.  Later she performed in film "Ma".  And yet again her tag of "Flop Heroine" followed her. 

Despite three consecutive flops, her appearance and performance have been widely discussed. Following three successive box office failures, makers are hesitant to take a risk on her. To move forward Rubina needs one sucessful movie for her career. Rubina could shed the label of "Flop Heroine" if any of the filmmaker were  courageous enough to cast her based on her potential.