Rabir's upcoming movie "Animal" in controversy : accused of being a copy of South Korean movie 'Old Boy'

Rabir's upcoming movie

The pre-teaser of Ranbir Kapoor's upcoming film 'Animal' has been released recently. With the release, fans on social media have accused the film of being the copy of South Korean film 'Old Boy'. The fan has shared a clip from the film 'Old Boy' and compared it with the pre-teaser video of 'Animal'.

Fans said that the action scene shown in the teaser was copied from the Korean film. In the pre-teaser video released on Sunday, Ranveer was seen in an action avatar. In the teaser, he can be seen fighting enemies in the corridor with the help of an axe. After watching this, some social media users accused the director Sandeep Reddy Bhanga of copying the scenes of 'Old Boy'.

After watching the teaser, a user writes, 'There is nothing original in this teaser. Unfortunately, Sandeep Bhanga also became a copycat. Another user wrote, "The teaser of the film is full of anger, but the director has copied the action sequences of the Korean film 'Old Boy'." Normally you can do better than this.

The movie 'Old Boy' directed by Park Chan Wook released in 2003 is remembered for its strong action scenes. There was a famous corridor fight scene in the film, where the hero single-handedly defeats several goons with a hammer. Fans have alleged that the makers of 'Animal' copied this action scene. Directed by 'Kabir Singh' famed director Sandeep Reddy Bhanga, 'Animal' is all set to release in theaters on August 11 this year.