Aakash trying to imitate Shahrukh's style

Aakash trying to imitate Shahrukh's style

The news that a Nepali filmmaker has adapted the style of a Bollywood film is no longer new. Nepali actors are, now, seem to be influenced by the lifestyle of the actors shown in Bollywood films.

Sometimes Nepali actors try to copy the style of clothing of foreign actors on the screen of a movie or in a public event. They try to recreate the same look of Bollywood actors.

Let's talk about the actor Aakash Shrestha. He has shot a video with his rumored girlfriend Karuna Shrestha. In a video shot by Aakash and Karuna in a Mustang, his outfit resembles the one worn by the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan in the top song of the movie 'Pathan'.

If you look at the TikTok video made by Aakash, he has tried to imitate Shahrukh's style.

At first glance, one would think that Aakash is trying to copy Shahrukh's style of clothing. The style of Aakash's shirt, pants, and glasses are all influenced by Shahrukh.

Aakash has had no film in hand for the past few months. There is no possibility of the release of the film 'Hidda Hiddai' in which he acted. However, Aakash is busy with the music video.